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If you are a current goalie who needs to call out of your game:
We have formed a Yahoo! Group for just Hockey Academy goalies and those willing to play in our locations. It is private to all Hockey Academy goalies.
Please subscribe by emailing   - THIS IS REQUIRED FOR CURRENT GOALIES. If you are a goalie who is willing to sub please do subscribe to the list. Also if you know of any goalies who wanna play, have 'em subscribe!
2. If you need to call out of your game please e-mail the group FIRST and ask if anyone else can fill in for you. Include the team, the time of your game, location, and level. Ask specifically if the goalie before or after your game can fill in for you. 
Example: "Hi guys I play on the purple team in Newton,  I can't make my game on Tuesday at 9pm. Could either Joe or Kevin from the 10pm game please come early and fill in? Or if someone else can fill in please let me know."  Doing this, you are more apt to get a response.
If someone replies and can fill in please FWD or  CC us at so we are aware. We don't want to find a sub for you and then later find out that you already did and have two goalies show up for one slot.
3. If you call out at least 24 hours prior to your game we will do my absolute best to make sure a sub is secured by following up.
4. If you call out within 24 hours you will essentially be on the hook for securing your own goalie replacement. We are happy to help and understand that emergencies happen but too many people are calling out at 5pm before their game, for example, which makes it virtually impossible for us to find a sub and furthermore gets your team/the opposing team gets upset for not finding a sub. 
5. If nobody within the group responds, you may continue sending an email until someone responds. Alternatively you may use   to find a goalie which is a bigger list and may also be able to help.
Thank you for your patience with this. Please subscribe to the list, or we cannot promise goalie replacements.
Goalie spots are not guaranteed. All previous season's goalies get first dibs on goalie spots for the next season; once you give it up, it is gone and goes to the next goalie in line for a spot. We reserve the right to ask goalies to leave who consistently call out of games as Hockey Academy leagues are a commitment. If you are interested in a spot, please email