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The Hockey Academy's Power Play Point Program for adult league members was established in 2006 to rewards our loyal customers.

It's Simple To Earn Points

All players receive 100 Power Play Points for every adult league they participate in.

*Power Play Points are only awarded when player pays in full for a league. Points are added to a player's account when the season ends. If a player receives a credit on file for 50% or more of the total program cost, no points will be awarded for the season. Regarding pro-rated seasons, player must play/pay for at least 75% of the season to receive Power Play Points.

Value of Power Play Points

300 Points                                                        25% off any adult league 

600 Points                                                        60% off any adult league

900 Points                                                        100% off any adult league (FREE!)

If you have any questions or to redeem points, please give us a call at 1-800-800-7373.

You must call or arrange via online payment email to redeem your power play points.

This must be done BEFORE your league starts. We cannot offer credit adjustments once you sign up for a league online.

We also offer a multiple program discount.

Players receive a 20% discount on additional adult leagues that run during the same season. Discount is based on lowest priced program. There are 3 seasons: Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer. All leagues will have a season designation.