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Adult Hockey Leagues: Game rules

Our games consist of three periods, either 17-minute run time or 12-minute stop time, depending on the league. If the game is 17-minute run time, the last two minutes of the third period will be stop time if the goal differential is 2 or less. If the differential is 3 or more, the clock will run. If the game is 12 minute stop-time periods, there will be no running of the clock unless the goal differential is 6 or more. Penalties are two minutes long in most leagues. Ties are left that way at the conclusion of regulation, unless it is a playoff game. Time-outs are generally not allowed in regular season games.

Subs may be used in regular season games if they are pre-approved by a Hockey Academy representative. We are also happy to help coordinate subs when needed. We prefer to use subs from within the league in this situation. No outside subs are allowed.

Subs from within the league can only be used if a team has less than 8 of its rostered players present and may only use as many subs as it takes to make a team of 8 players. If a team shows up with 7 players they may ask a sub from within the league to play to make the 8th.  The Hockey Academy reserves the right to make final decisions on whether or not subs are allowed and may issue forfeitures if illegal subs are used.

Schedules are subject to change and it is suggested players check the website on game day for the most up-to-date scheduling information.

All of our adult hockey leagues are strictly no checking and no fighting. Disciplinary issues are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. We do not offer refunds for any disciplinary issues.

If a player receives 3 minor penalties in a game, a referee may ask that player to leave the game. We leave this up to the referee's discretion.

Players may only wear the jerseys that are assigned to them at the beginning of the season. Players may not share or exchange jerseys without notifying us of any number changes. Hockey Academy staff may question players regarding this at any time. Anyone caught violating jersey rules will be suspended.

We do our best to make sure you can play on the same team as all of your friends, as we recognize many people sign up for hockey in groups. However, we reserve the right to make any changes to teams for reasons including but not limited to: achieving good parity in the league, evening out the numbers on each team's bench, etc. We cap benches at 13 at the very most though some numbers may vary. We will not put more than 13 on a bench without a team's OK consensus first (for example, if people know they are unable to make a certain number of games, they can add more people to their roster to help that issue).

There may be times when we have to schedule make-up games on different days and times than your normal league. We do our best to keep those to a minimum but we cannot offer refunds for those games. We will communicate any of those changes to you.

Times of league games are subject to change. This can be due to rink scheduling conflicts or just the changing of the seasons (for example, winter game start times are usually later than summer game start times) and we will communicate those changes to you.


NO SUBS are allowed in playoffs, except for extreme circumstances in which subs must be pre-approved by the Hockey Academy. Each team is subject to attendance being taken at playoff games to ensure this policy. Any use of subs in a playoff game will result in a game disqualification.

In the event of a tie during playoffs, there will be one five-minute stop time overtime. If the game is still tied at the end of the overtime, the game will go to a three-round shootout.

Each team receives one time-out that MUST be used during regulation.

Playoff tiebreakers for seeding are the following:


-Head to Head

-Least Goals Allowed


-Coin Flip


If you are injured and you will be out for a long period of time, please give us a call immediately to let us know that you won't be playing in your league. We can keep a credit on file for you or refund you for the remainder of the season, depending on the circumstance/length of injury, at our discretion.


While we can pro-rate your season if you join late, we generally do not credit you back for any games that you missed during the season due to work, travel, vacations, etc. We do look for commitments in all of our leagues and therefore cannot offer a pay per game option.

Refunds for Leagues

We do our best to make sure the league you're playing in is the best fit for you. If you're not happy in your league, give us a call to discuss your options to move to another league. If we've exhausted all possible options, you are always welcome to request a credit on file or a refund. All refunds or credits on file are at the discretion of the Hockey Academy.

Refunds for Special Programs

Refunds and credits on file for special programs are generally not allowed but exceptions may be made at our discretion if there is a dire circumstance. If your refund is approved, there is a financial penalty for processing the refund:

$15 for cancelling without getting a jersey/showing up to a game

$30 if you did receive a jersey/play games (sorry but we cannot accept your jersey back even if you wore it)

Your refund will be processed less the $15 or $30 amount.

Power Play Points and Credit Adjustments

Once you sign up online we are unable to adjust your payment cost due to any credits or power play points you may have. Power play points may only be redeemed by calling us at 1-800-800-7373 BEFORE you sign up for your league. If you have a credit on file for an injury, you must also sign up over the phone to redeem your credit. We cannot do any power play points or credit adjustments online.


Payment Plans

You must pre-pay for your hockey league. We cannot allow pay as you go or take payments at the rink.

Payment plans must be done over the phone BEFORE your league begins. Half the cost is due at the time of registration on the phone with a credit card prior to the league start, and half must be paid in the middle of the season. Anyone on a payment plan is expected to pay their tuition in full and on time. The Hockey Academy reserves the right to keep credit card information on file if someone is doing a payment plan and charge the card when the remainder of tuition is due. We send out e-mails to let you know before we charge the card. At that time, please make alternative arrangements if you wish to do so.